A Transoceanic Project.

Today we are living in an era where we turned to a non verbal language. Emojis have transformed our necessity to immediately communicate our emotional state. Emotions are very intense sentiments, they represent invisible intensity. With this absence of text, language and verbal forms, to restage, to put on display bodies, symbols and abstract gestures in fluorescence is to transform the invisible to the visible.

Fluorescence is a transoceanic project. Conceived to be restaged in different locations, with a mirroring and modular realization. Fluorescence is an evolving project, intentionally it changes its subtitle, amount of performers and video content.

The performance was born through the analysis of the complexity of emotions and its manifestation. We desire with Fluorescence to break with the social paradigms that associate emotions to gender.

Concept and realization stemmed from the collaboration between choreographer and performer Francesca Sproccati and visual artist Vanessa Orelli.