Engineer by academic training. Artist by impulse. Vanessa Orelli is a Swiss-Argentine creative located in Panamá, Central America where she works on her constant research of the repetition of the Form and the continuity of her visual footprint. The creative process, while it gives birth to a singular final work, remains the central protagonist to Vanessa Orelli’s artistic expression. 

Nature lover by instinct, fascinated by its micro and macro cosmic phenomenon, Vanessa Orelli is inspired by the observation of Nature’s manifestation and the emotions it evokes.

In her art installations and performances one can often find the need of the artist to leave a mark and give voice to incidents and historical facts, explicate and reinterpret the deepest mankind fears and curiosities and also collaborates with dancers and choreographers in the realization of visual concepts.



The Void, is an integral part of her work. It finds form amongst the equilibrium of the material at play. Empty spaces, are considered intentional gestures, shaping the language and actively partaking in the dialogue between weight, tension and shapes. The co-dependence on a slow pace creative process, allows Vanessa Orelli to recreate the suspension of time, in each millimeter of every millimeter, in each one of her tensions, giving life to a very fragile relationship between paper and other organic material through the use of line and trace. The artist finds the relationship between observation and concept to be the subject of her obsessive and constant research.

Lives and works in Panama City, Panamá



R.I.S.E. (The Research Institute for the Semiology of Expression) by Arno Stern | Mendrisio, Switzerland | Paris, France – Closlieu Servant Diploma


Polytechnic of Milan | Milan, Italy – University Degree in Engineering


Franklin College Switzerland |  Sorengo, Switzerland – Bachelor of Arts


Boston University | Boston, United States – Bachelor of Arts

Central Saint Martin’s | London, United Kingdom – College program


Rhode Island School of Design | Providence, United States – Pre-college program


Exhibitions / Commissions / Awards


Collaborative Project - Video Installation "FLUORESCENZE. I’m already dancing. Can you see it?" with Francesca Sproccati, choreographer | DASTANZFEST | Ticino | Spazio Morel | Lugano, Switzerland

Collaborative Project - Video Installation "FLUORESCENZE. Emotional Display" with Francesca Sproccati, choreographer | Performa Festival | Lo Studio | Losone, Switzerland

Research Residence - "LIFOPS" | Panama City, Panamá

Performance - "FLUORESCENCIA. Desde lo Invisible a lo Visible" with Francesca Sproccati, choreographer | MACROFEST | Panama City, Panamá

Workshop - "VOCES EN ACCION" with Donna Conlon and Jonathan Harker, artists | Casa Santa Ana | Panama City, Panamá


Solo Art Exhibition - "EXPANSION SILENCIOSA" | LUPA (arte + diseño) | Panama City, Panamá

Public Group Exhibition - "si vis pace, para bellum" | VisArte Ticino | Lugano, Switzerland

Exhibition - "FORMATO A" | Galleria Ramo | Lugano, Switzerland

Group Exhibition - "vicini di casa" | Spazio 1b | Lugano, Switzerland


Collaborative Project - “Panama Papers” by Liu Bolin with Marión Gallery | Panama City, Panamá


Collaborative Project - “Vanessa Orelli per Paolo Errico” with Rodrigo Vives (editing) and Conrad Schilling (photography) | FASHION WEEK PANAMA | Panama City, Panamá


Private Art Commission - “Ocean Sky” | Panama City, Panamá

Collaborative Project - “Art and Move” with Claudia Castillo | Panama City, Panamá


Group Exhibition - “l’AM - l’Arte della Memoria” | Gentilino, Switzerland


Corporate Art Commission - “Untitled (Giotto’s O)” reproduction of Mimmo Paladino’s “Senza Titolo (Respiro)” 1991 | Sperone-Westwater - Lugano, Switzerland


Private Exhibition - “portraits” | Sankt Gallen, Switzerland


Collaborative Project - “écriture” by Davide Monopoli | Lugano, Switzerland


Collaborative Project - “Archivio d'Autore, Poeti della Svizzera Italiana” | Lugano, Switzerland

Personal - “P.S. : poets signatures” | Lugano, Switzerland

Collective - “Progetti in Evoluzione” exhibition | Lugano, Switzerland

1998 - 1999

Exploration with Penelope M. Mackworth-Praed, Sculptor | Lugano, Switzerland

Exploration with Erik Kappeler, Sculptor | Val Verzasca, Switzerland